Tuesday, December 8, 2015

IDP News Issue No 46

Professor Zhao Feng, Director of the National Silk Museum, showing visitors around the exhibition, 'Silks from the Silk Road: Origin, Transmission and Exchange' at the West Lake Museum. They are viewing the clothes of the Yingpan burial.
Issue no. 46 of IDP News is now available to read online. It covers the several events on Silk Road textiles organised by the China National Silk Museum, including an exhibition, an international symposium and the founding of a new research association. The opening article is one of the papers given at the symposium, on the discovery of textiles to be used for the paper-making industry near Jericho.
Download IDP News Issue 46 as a PDF (2.1MB)


  1. In the first article in IDP News 46, I was concerned to see that the two Israeli contributors are asserting that Jericho and the Qarantal Caves are in Israel. In fact, they are in Palestine (occupied West Bank). I don't think that the IDP should be providing an outlet for unjustified and highly sensitive territorial claims of this kind.

    The article also does not reveal the present location of the textiles discovered there. As the photos are "courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority", this presumably means that they have been illegally removed to Israel.

    Perhaps some clarification should appear in the next issue.

    Best wishes, Dr G.J. Roper (University of Cambridge)