An Introduction to Sketches in the Stein Collection

Digital and physical preservation underpin much of the work carried out by the International Dunhuang Project at the British Library and are a priority for everyone involved. My position as Preservation Assistant requires me to consider long- and short-term preservation needs for the items in our care. This can involve packing items securely for transit around the library as well as longer term requirements such as appropriate storage solutions and ingesting material to the IDP website. I work alongside photographers, digitisation officers responsible for image quality control, conservators and curators to facilitate our goals of making material freely available online. It is rewarding to follow the process from start to finish and watch as more and more material becomes accessible. Image of Paul Pelliot in the Library Cave (AP8186) and IDP Preservation Assistant Vicky Mansfield in the British Library stronghold room. A perk of my role is discovering the wide range of decorative

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