Thursday, December 4, 2014

IDP News No. 44, Autumn 2014

The new Visitors’ Centre at Dunhuang, September 2014. Courtesy of the Dunhuang Academy. Photographer: Sun Zhijun.

IDP News No. 44, Autumn 2014 is now available to view online or download as a PDF (798KB). The current issue includes the articles:

  • The Visitors’ Centre at Dunhuang
  • Conservation and Research on Excavated Textiles from Mogao
  • Desmond Parsons in Chinese Archives
  • Prospects for the Study of Dunhuang Manuscripts: The Next 20 Years
  • Our Favourite Things: Excerpts from the IDP20 Blog
  • Obituary: Serguei Grigoryevich Klyashtornyj

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