Friday, May 9, 2014

Video: The Dunhuang Star Chart

This film from features the medieval Chinese manuscript Or.8210/S.3326 discovered in 1907 by the archaeologist Aurel Stein at the Silk Road town of Dunhuang and now housed in the British Library. This set of sky maps displaying the full sky visible from the Northern Hemisphere, is up to now the oldest complete preserved star atlas known from any civilisation. It is also the earliest known pictorial representation of the quasi-totality of Chinese constellations.

Director : BLUMBERG Jérôme
Scientific direction : BONNET-BIDAUD Jean-Marc
Producer : CNRS Images (2009)
Duration [20'00]

Further reading on IDP:
The Dunhuang Chinese Sky: A Comprehensive Study of the Oldest Known Star Atlas by Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud, Dr Françoise Praderie and Susan Whitfield.
Star Atlas: Translation by Imre Galambos.
Chinese Astronomy, an educational resource by Abby Baker.

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