IDP Lectures: Silk on the Silk Road

Silk on the Silk Road was an afternoon of lectures by scholars, curators and conservators held on the 11 April 2004 as part of IDP’s 20th anniversary celebrations at the British Library, London. Intended for a general audience, the talks introduced the Silk Road and the textiles collections held in London and worldwide. All the presentations and audio recordings are available to download below.

Silk for Books and Buddhism: the British Library and British Museum Collections
Susan Whitfield, Director, IDP, The British Library
Download the audio file MP3 40.4MB
Download the presentation PDF 63.3MB

Silk in Shoes and Clothing: V&A and British Museum Collections
Helen Persson, Curator Chinese Textiles and Dress, V&A
Download the audio file MP3 41.4MB
Download the presentation PDF 86.9MB

Silk as Money
Helen Wang, Curator, East Asian Money, The British Museum
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Download the presentation PDF 11.2MB

Silks from the Silk Road
Zhao Feng, Director, The National Silk Museum, China
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Download the presentation PDF 16.6MB